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Central Passenger Terminal Complex (CPTC) Fire Life Safety 

The CPTC Fire Life Safety project will have multiple packages across Concourses A, B, C, E and the passenger tunnel of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. NSMS is currently released on two of the five packages for Concourse A and the passenger tunnel. 

Project Scope for these two packages includes but is not limited to the following:


Passenger Tunnel (AGTS)

  • Sprinkler system installation along the entire tunnel from main terminal out to Concourse E. This work has significant piping as well as integration of the new system into the existing fire pumps

  • Significant scaffolding systems required for installation of new sprinkler system 

  • Electrical work including new emergency lighting, exit sign, low voltage, security and new comm system 

  • Rework of existing firewalls in egress pathways

  • Replacement of egress doors and frames 

  • Ceiling rework for sprinkler system

  • Partition rework for new egress doors 


Concourse A 

  • Stair and handrail repairs and/or replacement to meet new codes 

  • Electrical work including new emergency lighting, exit sign, low voltage, security and new comm system 

  • Ceiling and wall rework for new egress pathways

  • Upgrades to lighting protection systems 

  • Replacement of egress doors and frames 

  • Sprinkler rework for new egress pathways 

Central Passenger Terminal Complex,

Landside Modernization at HJAIA

NSMS completed the Central Passenger Terminal Complex's Landside Modernization (LMOD) at H-JAIA. The purpose of this project was to renovate, upgrade, and modernize the exterior and interior of the public-facing domestic facilities.


The LMOD project involved updating the domestic terminals by constructing two massive structural steel canopies and completely transforming the building’s facades. The canopies, which span the north and south terminal roadways, measure 864’ long x 200’ wide and are covered by inflatable ETFE fabric pillows. Each HSS structure, ranging from 14”-20” diameter, consists of 19 “supertrusses” which are connected by a total of 198 x-shaped diagrid members. The structures are covered by semi-transparent ETFE pillows that are constantly inflated by blowers on the roof of the terminal. In addition to the new canopies, construction of the new facades included the complete demolition of the existing entryways and the construction of a new curtain wall, sliding doors, and metal paneled “mini-canopies” at each entrance. Additionally, the full exterior façade of the terminal was re-skinned with metal panels, new storefront clerestories, and glass panels.

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